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How might we support craftsmen and their merchants to build a better relationship?
Transactional Messenger App (ChatBot)

How might we support craftsmen and their merchants to build a better relationship?

  • Client (Year): Flinkit GmbH (2020)
  • AI/Tech: Native App, Conversational Interface
  • Design: User Research, Mobile Design
  • Industry: Online Retail

About Flinkit:

Flinkit is a DSGVO-compliant WhatsApp messager that helps users make messaging your most successful sales channel. allen-new_white.svg

Situation/ Complication:

Craftsmen mainly earn on reselling material to their customers, not on the installation time. Understanding that shows how important Rabattverträge and discounts with suppliers and merchants are. Keeping material on stock is only efficient in rural areas. A craftsmanship business owner needs to optimize the ordering process and becomes themself a bottleneck of the process.


Instead, it would help if the staff could order independently, and this on the side with a messaging interface, reducing phone calls and improving reachability. Flinkit helps merchants build this channel for their customers, increasing sales and better customer satisfaction. With Flinkit, Merchants process DSGVO-compliant WhatsApp messages, manage their sales contacts and can take advantage of all the benefits of modern messaging communication.


My role:

In the seed phase, I worked closely with the Flinkit team to develop their product vision and define their product mission: "an ingredient ordering platform for craftsmen and suppliers, by using instant messaging." I designed and developed a user-friendly mobile messenger app that supports craftsmen in their daily business to send orders instantly to multiple merchants. We defined the target audience through the research and designed the user flows. Constant customer feedback checking our assumptions helped us to understand the need.

Short Descriptions of my tasks:

  • Qualitative user interviews
  • Define product mission, vision, and guiding principles for the team
  • Feature development (prioritization, roadmap)
  • Screen design (prototyping concepts, design system, asset handover)
  • Workshops
  • Investor pitches
  • Design of sales material
  • Brand development
  • Other: Hiring interviews with potential CPO, developers & designers


Since I left the team, and my learning:

Flinkit was, for me, the first startup adventure. And I worked very closely with the founding team. We went to investment pitches together and spent a lot of time discussing the HR hiring strategy driven by the founder Tommy. And we included smart infrastructure processes driven by the CTO Lars, and the best market-and-customer insights from Andreas. It was exceptional for me to help you work out the product strategy.

What has changed: Today the team has understood the market even better and included the merchants as the target customer. They also moved from designing their message as a service to including the compliant what's app business API.

What they keep: Almost all staff stayed since the founding time, hence the excellent HR and team culture. I would have also stayed if my passion wasn't digital health :-) Plus, they keep their customer-centered way of working. They innovated fast and outplayed their competitors with efficient and intelligent strategic positioning.

Thank you, Tommy, Lars, and Andreas, for this special time!