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How might we establish profitable products and services for the aftersales market?
Product Portfolio (Market Segmentation)

How might we establish profitable products and services for the aftersales market?

  • This client project is confidential. I will talk exclusively about the approach and not the outcome of the project.

  • Client (Year): Automotive OEM (2017)
  • AI/Tech: Descriptive Analysis with Tableau
  • Design: Design Thinking & User Testing
  • Industry: Automotive


In 2017, the client, an automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer), asked Deloitte to help optimize their aftersales product offering. The revenue was generated with approximately 8,000 different products, while 400 new products were added every year.


Their previous strategy relied on developing more and more product SKUs and thus increasing their product portfolio. New products had to pass theoretical profitability tests, while customer needs were largely neglected. Products were primarily developed based on technical feasibility rather than user needs.

Our approach

We defined the strategic direction for the accessories business’s product portfolio structure and identified seven levers to increase accessories’ sales performance in the markets. We recommended a customer-centered strategy based on user research. My colleague Nurith, a talented user researcher from Monitor Doblin, defined the customer segments. This helped us determine marketing mix levers and how to address the customers on new retail channels and specific product offerings.
We conducted concept modeling workshops with the clients and presented the business analysis, new customer segments, and user personas.

TableauTableau Dashboard: Customer revenue clustered in new customer segments

We identified the blank spots and connected the user research with the expected revenue calculation. The analysis helped us restructure the product portfolio. The user research helped to determine which products needed to be optimized and how to develop new products by including user feedback into product development.

Workshop to identify new customer-centered mobile services

My contribution

I supported the team with the human-centered approach and showed the client how to use early user feedback to design products that customers love. The client selected one product, which we tested through user interviews. The interviewees to imagine and discuss the product features. Then we went out on the street and collected feedback from real users. The department is now using early prototype testing in its development.

textEarly prototype testing - ad hoc with real users on the street

The project led to another one. We conducted a few workshops with the aftersales department to embrace a customer-centric design approach and define mobile-based customer service experiences. The brand and mobile expert Malthe Adomeit and his team carried out the strategic planning.

Department workshop
Department workshop

(1) Nurith Moersberger, Paul Kummer, Philipp Pölz, Julia Joeris, Frank, and others
(2) Malthe Adomeit, Nurith Moersberger, and others