Let's design User Experiences for Applied AI products.Together.

How might we empower our clients and colleagues to build innovative products which meet customer’s needs?
Innovation Consulting

How might we empower our clients and colleagues to build innovative products which meet customer’s needs?

  • For/Year: Consulting (2016-2020)
  • AI/Tech: Various
  • Design: Human-Centered Innovation

Design Thinking
The large picture shows the Deloitte Design Think Tank (founded 2016) in Germany at a strategic meeting. We defined how we want to bring the human-centered approach into the firm. Thank you, Florian Altmann, for guiding this cross-functional group of unicorns.

Problem space shifted into a solution space

Deloitte Digital Studio in Berlin, Neukölln

Within our company, we helped to shape the internal perception of Design Thinking.
We developed training sessions and conducted innovation workshops. But, more importantly, we embedded the mindset in our daily work and built a deeper understanding of the values and behavior of the users, which helped us to develop relevant, differentiated and competitive products, services & business models.

2020, Design Thinking basic training

I established myself as a workshop coach and guided and trained project teams to use the Design Thinking methodology. As a UX designer, I use the methods in my daily work. You can find more information about my service offering.

Workshop2016, Design Thinking workshop with manufacturing client. Together with Amadeus Tunis, Florian Altmann & Tonia Michaely

Teaching others
While working at Deloitte, I had the opportunity to train others in the methods. 2016, together with Alex Wenpap and Massu Riaz, we taught one semester at the Macromedia University. And Since 2017, we regularly trained our co-workers the mindset. A big thanks to Nurith Moersberger, Cori Moore, Anna Laesser, and the entire Think Tank the development of the training.

Design Training basic training2019, Teaching the guys from the Analytics Journey - Design Training basic training together with Anna Ryzhova & Martin Beyer

Human-centered design for data analytics solutions
A special thanks to Amadeus Tunis, Massu Riaz, Sören Salzwendel, Anna Ryzhova & the Human-Centricity Tribe to translate the approach to data-driven use cases.